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Start your Facebook Store in minutes

Set up and manage a Facebook Store right from your BaZaarz dashboard. Forget social sharing. You’re ready for social selling.


Harness the power of Facebook with your own Facebook Store and access over 2 billion unique shoppers

Manage your Facebook Store from your BaZaarz 


Easily add, promote, and sell products, or manage all your Facebook advertising in just a few clicks — right from your BaZaarz dashboard.

Accept orders with ZERO transaction fees

Whenever a customer places an order through BaZaarz, you’ll always keep 100% of the profits. Seriously.

You can sell more with Facebook advertising

Convert window shoppers to paying customers with Facebook remarketing. With a few clicks, we’ll create hyper-targeted ads to remind your customers about products they considered but didn’t buy.

Connect your Facebook Store to Instagram

Did we mention creating your Facebook store is the first step to selling on Instagram? When you’re ready to add Shoppable tags to your Instagram page, simply use your BaZaarz Facebook integration to connect your Facebook store to your Instagram Business Account.
Available with Venture Plan

Tag Your Products in Posts and Stories

Make your posts and stories shoppable with product tags for your Facebook store. If your followers spot a product they like in one of your posts and click the tag, they’ll be automatically transported to your checkout page to complete their purchase.
Instagram Story.png
Available with Venture Plan

Sell everywhere

Start a Facebook Store in minutes

Set up and manage a Facebook store right from your BaZaarz dashboard. Forget social sharing. You’re ready for social selling.

Facebook Online Store 

Set up a BaZaarz Facebook Store to connect with billions of Facebook users from across the globe. A Facebook Store is simple to set up and maintain. Add your online store to your Facebook page in minutes to easily promote and sell your products directly through your Facebook page. 

Worried about the extra management? BaZaarz automatically syncs your product information from your online store with Facebook, so any changes you make will instantly appear in your Facebook ecommerce store. Do it once and forget it. 

An BaZaarz Facebook store provides you with revolutionary Facebook ecommerce potential and advanced control over your business. Get started with BaZaarz today, and find out just how easy selling on Facebook really is.

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